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Jamila Harris

Author, Entrepreneur interviews successful entrepreneurs who start and build profitable businesses on radio & television

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About the Author

Jamila Harris is an Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Author, Speaker, Marketing Expert, Trainer, and Real Estate Broker. Harris' representative client list includes McDonald's Corporation, Nations Bank (now Bank of America), Dow Jones & Company, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and Martin Luther King, JR. Center for Non-violent Social Change headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Founder/Director of Kids-N-Business, a non profit program teaching entrepreneurship to kids ages 5-17 years. Founding Director of the Dow Jones-Spelman College Entrepreneurial Center, Jamila Harris is a product of the Atlanta University Center, namely, Spelman College and Atlanta University. 

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Award Winning TV Show


Jamila Harris won the U.S Small Business Administration Media Advocate of the Year Award (1999) and the U.S Dept. of Commerce Minority Business Advocate Award (1996)

Kids-N-Business Graduation


Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Author of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, was Keynote Speaker at Kids-N-Business Graduation in Atlanta, GA. Also pictured, Jamila Harris, Founder & Director of Kids-N-Business, and Myrtle Davis, Councilwoman.

Opening Day: Dow Jones- Spelman College Entrepreneurial Center


Jamila Harris, Founding Director, pictured with Earl Graves, Senior, Founder & Publisher of Black Enterprise Magazine, who was Guest Speaker at the Grand Opening of the Dow Jones-Spelman Entrepreneurial Center College in West End Atlanta, GA.



  • Develop New Thoughts About How to Create Income
  • Develop a Transitional Budget After Sudden Job Loss
  • Move from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Identify Your Marketable SkillsCreate Immediate Earning Opportunities
  • Present to Prospective Customers
  • Value Your Product or Service



  • Establish a Profit Margin  
  • Manage Your Time Profitably  
  • Know the Value of Your Time  
  • Manage Your Relationships  
  • Build Your Business to Sell  
  • Become Financially Independent



  • Why Your Money is Important to God  
  • God’s Love for You and His Covenant to  Increase Your Finances  
  • God’s Laws to Create Financial Abundance 
  • How to Create Money God’s Way Instead of Toiling


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